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A Beijing Walking Food Tour

Join Hias Gourmet's 2.5 hour Tea Tasting Safari to learn about and experience Beijing's
centre of tea trade, Maliandao Tea Street.

The tour spends all of its time in Maliandao, where the experience of sampling and
buying tea is unequalled and often unduplicated outside Asia.

Known as one of China's best markets for buying fresh tea leaves, it is said that over
3,000 varieties of tea are sold at Maliandao Tea Street which is lined with tea shops
stretching over 1.5 kilometres from Guanganmen Street to the north to Honglian Road
to the south. Most shops are still operated by the extended families of tea growers
from Fujian, Zhejiang and Anhui province.



Chinese Tisanes
Herbal teas, also called tisanes, have always been a beverage enjoyed all over the
country. The chrysanthemum flower beverage, for instance, is a perennial Beijing
favorite. We start off with an introduction to a new generation of Chinese flower tea
balls, the hua qiu. Slightly bigger than a lollipop, these flower tea balls are a small
bundle of dried tea leaves and flowers that are bound together with a cotton thread
into a ball. When placed in hot water, the ball sinks to the bottom and slowly opens
up into a perfect flower blossom.

Tea Supplies and Equipment
Explore the finer points of what to look for when selecting a Chinese tea set, and learn
why connoisseurs use glass, porcelain and clay ware when drinking different types of teas.

Chinese Tea Ceremony
Sit-down for an expert-led tea appreciation session in a much-respected tea shop.
Tastings will vary depending on the season and the freshest season's harvest. This
tea shop also stocks artisan crafted tea pots of zi sha hu purple clay variety.



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Private Walks Only

2.5 hours

Available any day
Can start anytime from 9.00am to 4.30pm

Private: min = 1

PRICE (Chinese Renminbi CNY)
With 1 Person | Y 1,200 p.p
With 2 Persons | Y 550 p.p
With 3 Persons | Y 450 p.p
With 4 Persons | Y 350 p.p
With 5 Persons | Y 320 p.p
With 6 Persons | Y 300 p.p
Please inquire for large group rates



What's Included
2 hour guided tour
All tea tastings

Xuanwu District
20-25 min by taxi from the Forbidden City

Start / Finish
Maliandao Tea Street


How To Book

1. Email us to inquire for availability
2. Hias Gourmet will:
  a. Confirm space availability
  b. Send meeting point details


50% deposit to confirm booking
Balance payment due on activity day

14 days prior to activity date:
Full refund with Y 150 processing fee
5 - 13 days prior to activity date:
70% refund with Y 150 processing fee
1 - 4 days prior to activity date:
No refund

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