tea tasting safari

2.5 hours, approx. 1.5km (0.9 mi.)
  • Wide variety of Chinese teas
  • Learn how to make tea
  • Understand teaware
  • Great opportunity to shop
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hidden beijing food tour

2.5 hr, approx. 2km (1.2 mi.)
  • Imperial sweet treats
  • Classic and tasty jianbings
  • A sip of the national drink - baijiu
  • Chinese pies - mending rou bing
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Classic Beijing snack, doornail dumplings

drink + eat + see

4-5 hr, approx. 2km (1.2 mi.)
  • An in-depth culinary experience
  • Enjoy classic dishes
  • Learn about important Chinese teas
  • See the local neighbourhoods
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Hias Gourmet Stinky Tofu

hutong eats food tour

3 hours, approx. 3km (1.86 mi.)
  • Quintessential bites and sites
  • A milder side of stinky tofu
  • A delicious Yunnan lunch
  • Imperial snacks
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