Hutong food tour – baozi

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experience china through its food
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Beijing food tours, tea tours and culinary events | Hias Gourmet

Get to know China up close by taking a culinary excursion with Hias Gourmet.
Our Beijing food tours take you where the tourists don’t go to try the food the locals love in the places they love to go. We’ll not only help you navigate the streets but the menu, too.

on the menu

Classic Beijing snack, doornail dumplings

drink + eat + see

4-5 hr, approx. 2km (1.2 mi.)
  • An in-depth culinary experience
  • Enjoy classic dishes
  • Learn about important Chinese teas
  • See the local neighbourhoods
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hidden beijing food tour

2.5 hr, approx. 2km (1.2 mi.)
  • Imperial sweet treats
  • Classic and tasty jianbings
  • A sip of the national drink - baijiu
  • Chinese pies - mending rou bing
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Hias Gourmet Stinky Tofu

hutong eats food tour

3 hours, approx. 3km (1.86 mi.)
  • Quintessential bites and sites
  • A milder side of stinky tofu
  • A delicious Yunnan lunch
  • Imperial snacks
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tea tasting safari

2.5 hours, approx. 1.5km (0.9 mi.)
  • Wide variety of Chinese teas
  • Learn how to make tea
  • Understand teaware
  • Great opportunity to shop
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