Beijing's night street food market closed

Donghuamen Night Food Market Closed

Forget going for scorpions or snake at Beijing’s Donghuamen night food market by Wangfujing…  it’s now a thing of the past. Like many other open food markets around Beijing it was forced to shut down. Until the end of June 2016, this had been one of Hias Gourmet’s most popular food tour destinations. But now we’re working a new – and better – evening Chinese food experience.

Donghuamen night market first opened over 30 years ago, and was the place to come for snake, scorpion, starfish, as well as an enormous array of other Chinese street food. Thousands of tourists would cram the street here every night, pushing and shoving to get skewers lamb and plates of pineapple rice.

Now it has been closed, with local media and vendors citing reasons that include local traffic problems, poor hygiene and littering, safety issues and a loss of authenticity.

So, where do you go now for this kind of food? In Beijing these days, you mostly need to get into the restaurants. Up here in the north, street food is almost a thing of the past. For more of the challenging exotic foods – that really aren’t a part of the Beijing diet – head down to Guangdong, where people famously eat anything that has wings, except aeroplanes, and anything with legs, except tables. And if you’re in Beijing, keep your eye out for our new evening experiences.




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